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  • Hurricane, Windstorm or Hail 
  • Flood
  • Fire, Lighting or Smoke 
  • Roof Collapse or Falling Objects
  • Theft or Vandalism 
  • Discharge/Overflow of Water/Steam 
  • Mold, Fungus, and/or Rot
  • Freezing 
  • Sinkhole, Earth Movement or Catastrophic Ground Collapse 
  • Structural Tearing, Cracking, Burning or Bulging


There are instances where insurance companies do not honor its contract with homeowners, commercial property owners, and other insureds upon a claim for property damage that is covered by the insurance policy and that the insured has paid regular premiums to be compensated in the event of a loss. When the insurance company has denied your claim, refuses to settle your claim in a timely manner, or offers an unreasonable settlement for your claim, Popovich Law Firm, P.A. is here to fight and recover the compensation you deserve.

As a former insurance defense attorney, Ms. Popovich knows and understands the insurance company's pre-litigation and litigation tactics and strategies when a dispute arises on a claim. The firm can review your claim to determine whether the insurance company has breached its contract with you and acted in bad faith. There is no risk for the firm to assess your claim since we don't get paid unless we win your case.

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