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  • Civil Appeals
  • Criminal Appeals
  • Administrative Appeals
  • Petitions for Writ
  • Petitions to Seal or Expunge Record 
  • Post-Conviction Relief Proceedings

Civil Appeals

If you are unsatisfied with the court's judgment or order in a civil case, consideration should be given as to whether you have grounds to appeal it. On the other hand, you may be the responsive party on appeal, known as the appellee, and need representation supporting a court's favorable judgment or order when the opposing party appeals. Popovich Law Firm, P.A. is available to assist you in determining whether you have sufficient grounds to appeal a judgment or order or available to support the court's adjudication on appeal if you are the appellee. You only have a limited time-frame to appeal a judgment or order and should therefore consult with an attorney when the judgment or order for which the appeal is premised on is rendered. From winning awards in moot court competitions for her law school, to preparing proposed decisions and opinions on appeal as a staff attorney for the circuit court, to representing parties on appeal in the appellate tribunals throughout the State of Florida, Ms. Popovich is available to consult with you about your appeal case.

Criminal Appeals

One of the most important pieces of information concerning criminal appeals in Florida state trial courts is that you only have 30 days from the date the judgment of conviction and sentence become final to appeal it. Failure to timely appeal may forever prevent you from subsequently filing an appeal. Furthermore, you only have one chance to directly appeal and should, therefore, consider consulting with the firm about your appeal case as these proceedings are complex since it challenges legal errors by the lower court. You have the right to directly appeal the judgment of conviction and sentence, and Popovich Law Firm, P.A. is available to assist you in determining the grounds for appeal and to represent you in your criminal appeal.  

Administrative Appeals

Administrative appeals of governmental agency actions are procedurally different from traditional civil appeals. These actions fall within the purview of the Florida Administrative Procedures Act under Chapter 120, Florida Statutes, which governs appeals from final orders by Florida government agencies. Depending upon the agency, procedures may vary with respect to its internal review process. Upon a final decision by an agency, the parties have the opportunity to appeal an adverse decision as provided under the Act and the Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure, including judicial review when agency review has been exhausted and completed. Administrative appeals are complex in nature and, therefore, you should consult with Popovich Law Firm, P.A. about it.

Petitions for Writ

Petitions for writs are original proceedings which commence in appellate courts. These types of proceedings seek extraordinary relief from appellate courts through its authority to issue writs, which may command courts, parties, or public and private entities to perform an act or to abstain from acting in a certain manner. Appellate courts have the power to issue writs for certiorari relief, habeas corpus, mandamus, and prohibition, among other writs. As a former staff attorney for the circuit court, Ms. Popovich has handled many petitions for writs and brings her experience and knowledge to the firm. Petitions for writs have a limited time-frame to seek relief from the appellate courts and, as such, you should consult with the firm when a judgment or order that the petition for writ would be premised on is rendered.

Petitions to Seal or Expunge Record

When you have not been adjudicated guilty of a crime and not charged with an exempted crime from the applicable statute, you may be able to qualify to have your record sealed or expunged. In general, if your record is sealed, only certain agencies, entities and individuals will have access to it. However, if your record is expunged, then it is permanently destroyed. The firm has handled many cases for the sealing and expunction of criminal records and is available to assist you in determining whether you are eligible to have your record sealed or expunged and to represent you through the process. 

Post-Conviction Relief Proceedings

Petitions for post-conviction relief generally allege that your attorney was ineffective, the grounds for the ineffectiveness claim, and the resulting prejudice from such ineffectiveness. Petitions for post-conviction relief have a limited time-frame in which to file with the courts and because you generally only have one chance in petitioning the court for post-conviction relief, you should consult with an attorney regarding all issues which should be argued. As a former staff attorney for the circuit court who handled many post-conviction relief petitions, Ms. Popovich understands these proceedings and brings her experience and knowledge to the firm, which is available to discuss your claim of ineffective assistance of counsel with you and to represent you in these proceedings.

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