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  • Title IX Actions
  • Student Disciplinary Actions
  • Expulsion Appeals
  • Dismissal Appeals
  • Suspension Appeals
  • Sealing of Disciplinary Records

Education law comprises of many different educational institutions, federal and state agencies, and local boards and commissions, among others. Popovich Law Firm, P.A. concentrates its practice in representing students who are dealing with a school, college or university disciplinary proceeding which subjects them to expulsion, suspension or other sanctions. 

Student disciplinary proceedings are serious in nature as expulsion and suspension sanctions become part of a student's record, having unpredictable adverse affects concerning college or university admissions, acceptance into athletic and extracurricular programs, grant and scholarship awards, etc. The firm is available statewide to assist you and/or your child in student disciplinary proceedings prosecuted by primary schools (grades K-12) and undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate colleges and universities, regardless of whether it is a public or private educational institution. 

The firm can guide you and/or your child through the educational institution's student disciplinary process, analyze its grounds for disciplinary action, attend violation hearings, and appeal violation determinations and sanctions. In addition, as an appellate attorney, Ms. Popovich can take the educational institution's decision to the courts for judicial review once the student disciplinary process has been exhausted and completed.  

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