Popovich Law Firm, P.A. 


    Attorney Referrals & Litigation Support 

Referrals by Attorneys 

The majority of Popovich Law Firm's clients are referred by attorneys. Ms. Popovich cares about her relationships with referring attorneys as she understands that they place their own reputation and relationships with their clients at risk by referring cases. Ms. Popovich appreciates the confidence and trust that referring attorneys instill in her and she works vigorously to validate that confidence and trust. 

Referrals of Appeals 

The firm accepts referrals for appeals in both criminal and civil cases along with referrals for original proceedings in appellate courts throughout the State of Florida and in the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. Please review the Areas of Practice page for a complete list of the types of appeals handled by the firm. Please inquire about fee-sharing under the Rules of Professional Conduct and fee-sharing agreements offered by the firm.

Litigation Support 

The firm offers litigation support in both criminal and civil law in the form of legal research and drafting of various documents, including, pleadings, motions, responses in opposition to motions, memoranda of law, and complex proposed orders. Please contact Ms. Popovich for a full range of litigation support which is offered.